Filed the nth attempt of intimidation

news Chartered  Psychologists’ Association 

(Region of Puglia)Via F.lli Sorrentino, 6 – 70126 BARI 

(Italy)Prot. N. 1609/09

Sent by recorded delivery


via B. Croce, 49

70015 – NOCI (Ba) 
   We enclose herewith ruling n. 220/09 by the Council of Chartered Psychologists’ Association (Region of Puglia, Italy), meeting on April 3rd, 2009.

    Best regards


                                                                                                          The President

                                                                                             Dr GIUSEPPE LUIGI PALMA


Bari, 9th April 2009


                                   CHARTERED PSYCHOLOGISTS’ ASSOCIATION

                                                       (Region of Puglia, Italy)


                        RULING  BY THE LOCAL COUNCIL OF THE  ASSOCIATION n. 220/09



SUBJECT: dismissal of the complaints against Dr Lorita Tinelli [born in Noci (Ba) on 22nd November 1967]

   On April 3rd, 2009 the local Council of Chartered Psychologists’ Association met at its head office to discuss the items on the agenda and take decisions.

   This is the list of the members (names, positions, present / absent at the meeting):


    SURNAME        FIRST NAME         POSITION            PRESENT            ABSENT

      Palma                  Giuseppe L.             President                      X

      Gesualdo              Vincenzo                Vice-president              X

      Vulcano                Carla                       Secretary                      X

       Maniglia              Raffaele                  Treasurer                      X

       Campa                 Angela                    Councillor                      X

       Canniello             Floriana                  Councillor

       D’Angelo            Anna Michelina      Councillor                    X


       De Leonardis       Aida                        Councillor                   X


       Gasparini              Ferdinando             Councillor                   X


        Latilla                  Giuseppe                Councillor                   X


        Melillo                 Anna  Rosa            Councillor                   X


        Montrone             Antonio                  Councillor                   X


        Nuzzo                   Salvatore                Councillor                  X


        Rigliaco                Antonio                  Councillor                  X


        Sgarra                   Antonio                  Councillor                 X


   The President, after verifying the quorum, opens the meeting and invites the participants to take a decision on the issue mentioned above.

Ruling n. 220/09


                                       The Council of Chartered Psychologists’ Association

                                                              (Region of Puglia)


-    Considering the complaints made by Mrs S. R. on November 4th, 2008, by Mrs C. C. on November 6th, 2008 and by Mrs R. D. M. on November  10th, 2008 against Dr Lorita Tinelli, a registered psychologist;

-         considering  Dr Lorita Tinelli’s clarification on November 18th, 2008 and on March 17th, 2009;




           -  at this stage of the matters our professional Association can’t begin proceedings against 

               Dr Lorita Tinelli because, after her clarification about what she had done and how she

               had behaved, nothing came out that could lead us to believe she had in any way broken

               our code of practice or of conduct;


     -  from the minutes written by the Commission for professional ethics  we deduce it is in  favour of the dismissal of the case;


     -  in the light of the above-mentioned consideration, we are in a position  to say we can  reject the 3 complaints produced  to us and therefore dismiss the case.


Considering all the aspects mentioned above, the Council of the Chartered Psychologists’ Association

                                                       DECIDES AS FOLLOWS:


1)      the complaints against Dr Lorita Tinelli can be dismissed, for the reasons explained in our  preliminary remark and here reported in full; therefore, there is no need to start any disciplinary proceedings against Dr Lorita Tinelli;


2)      according to art. 14 of the Disciplinary Regulations currently in force, this document must be urgently – no later than 20 days - sent by recorded delivery to the person interested, to the Public Prosecutor in Bari and to the people who made the complaint.  


You can appeal to the Law Court  in Bari  against this decision within the term of 30 days  from its notification.


 This document consists of 1 page, plus an introductory sheet.


            The Secretary                                                                          The President

    (Dr Carla Vulcano)                                                            (Dr Giuseppe Luigi Palma)


Bari, 3rd April 2009



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