The NBA Finals and E3

The NBA Finals and E3

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Despite being an All-Star player who is not that far off in the skill department compared to his Splash Bro, Thompson has managed to live a life of relative anonymity and that includes his kicks. [ Maybe that’s how Klay likes it as he follows a Dwyane Wade-like path or maybe he’s just waiting for the right opportunity to jump back in with another major American brand. He’s the ultimate wingman – even more Pippen to Steph’s MJ than Kyrie is to LeBron – and time will tell if Klay will elevate ANTA to something more. J. R. hasn’t had the easiest road to becoming a championship player and he’ll admit that a lot of it is his own doing. But sometime after escaping New York and landing in Cleveland, he became a beloved folk hero that endeared himself to more than just NBA’s hardcore fan base. His emotional press conference was a touching reminder that he knows he has a lot to atone for but that he will get through it with his family. Smith’s eventually sneaker legacy will be similar to that of guys like Nate Robinson in that they were never superstars but they developed a following thanks to their choice of kicks. Hopefully Nike will show Smith some love like they did Nate and drop some player exclusives with his logo for us to cop in the future. The NBA Finals and E3. Two events that you probably don’t associate with each other because one is the biggest event in basketball and the other is the biggest event in video games, but they actually have a lot in common.
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